PewDiePie gears up to defeat T-Series to 1 billion subscribers

YouTube star Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg reached 100 million subscribers just recently claiming one of the most prestige titles anywhere on the internet.

The title didn’t come easy, Pewds didn’t get to 100 million first, it was India’s music channel called T-Series who reached the milestone first after a fierce battle that lasted for months on end. PewDiePie decided to end the battle when he reached 95 million subscribers.

While this is one of the greatest achievements in the world, what’s next for PewDiePie?

The battle to 1 BILLION! YES!

‘We’re trying to hit a thousand million. Is that a billion? Oh my god. Let’s get it. We have to beat…nah I’m just kidding.’ he said.

We all know what that means do we?

YouTube had to invent a new play button to award creators who reach the 100 million milestone, the 29-year-old star opened it in an emotional video seen below.

The most popular video currently playing the PewDiePie VS T-Series live count can this one.

Are we racing to 1 Billion? And how soon could it happen?

Written by Phil

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